Saturday, May 19, 2018

Foolishness or Wisdom?

Since the Royal wedding took place and is now behind us I am sure there will be many more after that. A wedding is for every woman the day she can be a princess. And yes, men will ask why over and over again. 

For the average woman, there is only one time in her life that she will wear a gown as beautiful as the one she chooses for her wedding day, even those of us in Second Life will treasure this moment.
Just to be that princess for the special day is important for us women. The other strong point is that you are "worth" it to be married. Even if you think oh well it is not that important and why got through all the fussing over a wedding. Do not be fooled by this. A wedding is no matter what the women say, their dream come true that they are the one.

Now, on the other hand waiting for that ring and question and you find out it will never come is the the utmost let down, and you will feel eventually that you are not his choice, that he is waiting for something better to come along.

Now you have a choice here, feel let down forever and just enjoy what it is OR let the fool go and find what he needs and be on with it. Foolishness is the opposite of wisdom. It is expressed in rushed or impulsive decisions and the lack of proper careful considerations. In foolishness we do not assess all relevant information or consider broader, long-term perspectives. Foolishness is more spontaneous and this is what the prevailing romantic ideology demands: act according to the promptings of your loving heart and nothing else is of importance.