Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Calling all Superheroes....

It is the year 2017 and the villains have taken over the Subway Station at the Basement. We are calling all superheroes to come and help us defeat (party) them...

This event will be 2 days on Saturday, July 15 with DJ Dandy and his set of superheroes tunes. On Sunday, July 16 DJ Likka will take over. We will have a "best superhero/villains outfit" contest.
There will be other freebies as well as a trivia game about Marvel and DC brush up on your knowledge.

Please, Captain America...HELP!!!
I will fly with you Batman
How rude! One of the villains broke the entrance sign.
So mark your calendar, because you do not want to miss this both parties are from 6-8 PM SLT and a special Teleport will be there for us...who knows Superman may pick you up.