Sunday, July 9, 2017

Milan Gacha Mall & Roller Rink

When I need a break I usually go and look at different gacha places. You never know what you might find. Some are true bargains, like this outfit for 45L.

I came across a really cool place because it was not just for the gacha but you actually have to walk around there and explore and I found this really great roller rink.
This place is at the Milan Gacha Mall and owned by Sarrah Madrox Nightly. Sarrah was kind enough and skated with me and she showed me all the moves. So much fun chatting with her.

Please do go and check it out and tell her Anjelikka send you. The roller rink would be a very cool place to have a party event or a DJ set. I have to talk some more to Sarrah about this but this is a great place. I am so glad I explored it.