Saturday, July 15, 2017


I think I’d like to fly 
Through the air with amazing speed. 

Strong yet feminine, 
Wondrous and a woman.

Wonder Woman (me), Greg, Jack and Shy, and Shannon gracefully falling to earth.
Let me backtrack here for a second. Before we went on this skydiving experience we did have our first set of the superhero/villain adventure at the Basement Subway.

DJ Dandy delivered some fabulous tunes and the trivia was for some of the nerds out there. Some of those answers were hard others easy. I guess it all depends on how much you know about these characters.

DJ joke

Some brought their own super-powered vehicle

Dance, dance, dance

After all that was done, I came up with the brilliant idea to skydive from this location back to the grounds. So I lured the crew onto a platform and said come sit and then stand on the chair. I guess since I am Wonder Woman they all listened, even Greg :)

All I had to do now was to count down...3,2, 1 and off we went falling down. Weeeeeeeeee....that was fun.

And we all made it down safe...well after all they had Wonder Woman looking out for them. (hahaha I did like it when I took that platform right under their feet).

Come back tomorrow for some more Superhero-Villain adventure from 6-8 PM SLT...just follow the teleport to the subway.