Saturday, August 27, 2016


"Explore the timeless coastal island of Arranmore, with its haunted manor house and photogenic scenery. Enjoy the creepy landscape shrouded in mist. Remember, it is not what you can see that is scary - it is what you can't see. Don't forget to take the flashlight from the station platform when you arrive."

Arranmore is an absolutely frightening place. I recommend you take someone with you before you visit this place.

Beware of everything here, even the visitors itself can be scary and creepy.

I think Greg was inspecting my neck to make sure I had not bite marks there. We were hiding out in a Zombie hideout. Kinda a dirty place, I mean Zombies need to be cleaner. We did not find any Zombies and no marks on my neck either.

I want to thank DrakiAzul for this cool picture of himself. We asked him to be our pet and we could keep him in the Basement of the Retreat. He declined our offer and said Drakis do not make good pets and Nutella was not the food he needed but had some new prospects in mind. They were new visitors at Arranmore.

I decided a would get ready for any monster or a creepy fool who wanted to harm me and Greg with my gun.

The scariest part of all was the little chapel with the ventriloquist sitting in a pew talking. When he talked about marriage we were ready to run. He was a cute little booger in his own way. When you see him tell him Anjelikka said hello.