Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Night To Remember

"Travel back in time and experience the wonder and tragedy of the world's most famous ocean liner, Titanic. This immersive exhibit tells the dramatic and poignant story of the ship, crew, and passengers who embarked on the voyage of a lifetime, only to be part of one of the greatest disasters in history."

It is absolutely stunning this exhibit by Emery Milneaux, who is quite the artist. 
A night to Remember, July 16- October 9, 2016

If you have the love to Titanic and its history you will without a doubt enjoy every second of this. Become one of the passengers or crew members and discover their fate at the end.

Meet Captain Smith as he tells you the compelling story.
Throughout the exhibit storytellers will bring you close to the experience of what it was like that fatal night.

Pose at the most famous staircase "The Grand Staircase".

"Harland & Wolff employed the most skilled carpenters in Ireland to turn the Grand Staircase into an intricate work of art – a task which they evidently completed successfully.  Decorated with oak panelling and gilded balustrades, the wide sweeping steps and landings of the Grand Staircase rose majestically through six decks, and were crowned by a magnificent glass dome."

So stop by soon and enjoy this as much as I did...there is a gift shop with the best items ever in it too...

A Night to remember
The Titanic exhibit
Emery Milneaux
The Vordun

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