Saturday, August 6, 2016

At the Retreat

The day after the party we danced in the garden at the Retreat. I really invite you all who read this to come and stop by and see the garden. This is all open for the public to enjoy.

And then you can also see the Chapel at the Retreat. Remember if you are looking for a small chapel to get married in, this is your place. It costs you nothing if you do it all yourself and bring the officiant with you. Everything you need is there. Just leave a donation that you think is fair.

I do however offer officiant services, as well as reception and DJ if you need that for a small fee we can negotiate.

I can also offer photography and video services for a fraction of the cost it would be for the regular services you have to pay in second life. Don't believe me, look around. It costs a lot. Well, here is does not.