Tuesday, August 9, 2016


"Since 2009, Bella Bistro has been a full-service establishment in Second Life. Inside you'll find low lighting, soft music and a stylish interior adorned with elegant paintings, not to mention a menu that rivals many top SL establishments."

As night falls and thousands of stars brighten the night sky strolling on the streets of Second Norway on our new bikes. The air was so fresh right next to the water.

All this riding around makes you very hungry and thirsty. The perfect place to stop and take a break is the Bella Bistro. You can just walk right in without any reservations and sit either inside or some romantic spots outside.

Get a bottle of wine and sit in the private section of the restaurant and just listen to the jazzy music. You will not regret coming here. It is absolutely beautiful.

We were so relaxed here, it made an immaculate evening even better.