Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ironwood Hills

The world has seen an apocalypse event and nothing is the same at Ironwood Hills.Are you ready? Do you dare want to come and search for any survivors? 

What really happened here at Ironwood Hills? 

Around every corner there is something you will find and discover, but be warned it may be creepy and eerie. My best advise it to go with someone else...in my case he did not stood a chance...see below.
I know you will have a fantastic adventure here, as the moon light glistening along the forest floor with patterns made by the shadow of the towering trees. Even the wildlife was silent in a way that it seemed like they felt the same cold chill of the fear down their spine and against their cheek. I felt like thousands of eyes seemed to be watching me but none could be seen.

Be extra cautious at the asylum...At the end of the hallway, a solitary brass lamp, itself half lost in darkness, was mounted upon the cracked and yellowing wall. Its two thin, up-thrust arms extended electric candles. Their tapered bulbs cast shadows, transforming the lamp into the visage of some dark god who mocked the light. Perhaps the dreaded deity was Lucifer himself, I thought. So I ran as fast as I could.