Saturday, August 13, 2016


"Cool Rush is all about space and adventure! Will you find aliens, space ships or strange plant life that no one has ever seen before? Will you be abducted by passing UFOs for stepping foot on forbidden grounds? Explore the glowing stars surrounding this otherworldly sim or seek out the spaceships hidden on the moon."

If you want to see the world in different colors you may want to check out Cool Rush. I love the colors here of fresh cool neon. 

You will find various poses and "oh alien spaceships" here on the bottom level of the sim. Take a compass, because you can easily be trapped and get disoriented by the landscape.

Be careful and do not fall into the traps of the aliens. I was surely lucky because they did not like my mesh body. Watch out, they may like yours.

We have no clue where to go from here and I am looking at Greg, well? We are lost! Maybe not...we used the teleport history to get right back to the entry and from there you find another teleporter that will take you to different locations. Try them all!