Saturday, April 8, 2017

And the winner is.... me! Really?

People who know me in real life know that I love photography. I quickly learned about photography in Second Life and fell in love with it. Like the real life adventures I take to find the perfect picture, I do this in Second Life as well. I am not that fond of too much photoshopping because it takes away from the real beauty of what you saw. I usually just use filter and crop.

I never really entered a Photo Contest before, but this time I thought why not try it. Besides, it gave me the opportunity to take some really nice pictures.

So, one night in the wee hours before I went to bed I went to Epiphainein's sim and did it. I took pictures as I explored.

The sim is really beautiful and as you land, there are many props and poses, but my advice is to go to the outside and explore and see the nature all around. (right after this coffee)

And here it is my entry:
I won first place...yeah. Please do go and see all the other winners, there is so much talent here, it is amazing.

Thank you so much for the honor of First Place in this contest. I am thrilled and honored :)