Thursday, April 6, 2017

Checkpoint Charlie!!! New BerlinII

In front of remains of the "Wall" in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie is something I am sure you have heard about at one point or another during your history lessons in school.

"Checkpoint Charlie was first set up in August 1961, when communist East Germany erected the Berlin Wall to prevent its citizens from fleeing to the democratic West. While it was only one of several crossings in and around Berlin—there was also a Checkpoint Alpha and Bravo—Charlie was notable for its location on Friedrichstrasse, a historic street in the American-occupied city center. Even more important was that it was the only gateway where East Germany allowed Allied diplomats, military personnel, and foreign tourists to pass into Berlin’s Soviet sector. In response, the United States, France and Britain stationed military police at Checkpoint Charlie to ensure their officials had ready access to the border. The Allied guards spent most of their time monitoring diplomatic and military traffic, but they were also on hand to register and provide information to travelers before they ventured beyond the Wall."

Checkpoint Charlie

I hope you go and look around at this place. There are shops here as well as events that happen. The location is right next to the GNC German Newbie Center (GNC)

At the Alexanderplatz Plaza

Watch the video to get some more information about the Real Life Checkpoint Charlie, which is now a tourist attraction for anybody who comes and visits the beautiful city of Berlin.