Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Sock Hop!!!

I must say the sock hop was an amazing success. It is all because of the incredible friends we have made throughout the years. The music was perfect and the diner looked fabulous.
Thank you to the following people and their support, without you, we could never do this.
Annie, the lovely hostess who takes it all quietly and smiles :)
Candi, always sexy and charming.
Tom, you looked great in the pink jacket...we love you :)
Dandy, always good to have an extra DJ in the house.
Deb, what would a party be without you?
Suzi, always good to see you...cute outfit.
Jack and Corina, the only couple I know that got married in SL over and over and over again, and that to each other.
Micheal and Charming, always fun to have you two with us, you are funny, witty and we enjoy you.
And of course "Greg", you are part of the we, you know what I mean.

Our lovely pig "Babe" helped us laugh and play the new game "What did Babe eat?" and we found out he ate some strange things. We had winners who guessed both games and congratulations on your cash prizes.

Thank you all for making this a success and yes we are one year's old now.