Friday, April 7, 2017

Rezz me into your dreams!!!

"I hope he does"
Of course, that is possible. There is some work you have to do so it can happen. It is not that hard really. Start with a daydream of the memories you already have. Suggest with a few hints and then talk about some of these ideas. For example, the castle and maybe it rained. You have seen a castle, you have been to a castle, go back and pick from your memory. 

Discuss your future plans of meeting at a castle. Talk about it in detail and then before you go to bed tell the person..." hey, don't dream of all that rain," this is an indirect command of dreaming and suggesting to not dream of the negative, like in this case the rain but instead to dream about the beautiful castle.
...and poof you are right into their dream. Yes, at the castle. 
"Dream my love!"
And here I am rezzed into your dream. If you want to go to this beautiful castle just stop by at Sanssouci Park. Create the memory of being here together and then try dreaming together. This is a really relaxing park, so make sure you look around and see the gallery and the garden.
Sanssouci Park