Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dancing with...well let's say under the stars :)

Of course, I was thinking since I am always brewing up something in my mind about where dancing was first used?

I truly believe that as soon as humans figured out that dancing gives some kind of pleasure the dance was here to stay. In every generation, there has been some kind of dance or another and even rituals have been created around the dance.

For crying out loud, people invented a show called "Dancing with the stars" and I guess it is not like the picture above. Another confusing word "star" rather than the true meaning of the celestial orb it is, it means celebrity. So much for me and Greg, we are neither when it comes to the world of Second Life. 

So dance can be a non-verbal expression of oneself. I will have to explore some more possibilities about this because we sure do a lot of this "dance" in second life. It must be important to the avatars.

I do like to invite everybody who comes on Fridays to the Basement Club to hear DJ Riker ( who will not be here this Friday ) to see the special event below:

I will have a special teleport that evening to the Basement Ballroom which will be under the stars. Let us express some dancing or just come and watch and enjoy the music