Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What happens at the Basement does not stay at the Basement...

The Basement Club is one of those places where you can be who you want to be. We don't judge you. Whether you are a wild looking furry or a pig riding cowboy, it's all good. Be prepared to be shown on the blog for the world to see, no worries I will make you look good.

Let's back up for a second here...pig riding cowboy? 
Poor "Babe" got violated I think. You judge for yourself here???
Praxx having a good time. "Babe" is smiling too :)
Babe the pig is our mascot at the Basement Club and he even lets us play a game called "What did Babe eat?" for some cash prizes. You never know when he swallowed some kind of thing or something, so stop by often here. The Basement Club is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and is also available for private parties and wedding receptions.