Friday, May 19, 2017

You know you're old when...

So how do we know when we are old? Just because we are tired could not mean we are old. I have a 19-year-old in Real Life and she says she is tired. I know for a fact she is not as old as me. Besides I just remember being that age and all of a suddenly I am "?" years old. 

I like the definition in the urban dictionary: Old is when its more expensive to buy the candles, than the cake to put it on.
The dictionary also had a description of the term "Olds" which said it is a Derogatory term for older people (or parents) incapable of operating seemingly simple technology such as Snapchat.

Listen up you younger folks...we have knowledge of technology and why would we need Snapchat or Facebook ( which is a stalker's paradise by the way) when we have Second Life. I am so glad there are fewer young ones here because us "Olds" are badass when it comes to technology and you know you are just trippin' when you realize we are right:)

Perhaps Second Life attracts so many "older" citizens because you can dance the night away without a sweat or you can run a mile and never feel tired. How I ever walk in high heels all over Second Life makes me wonder, but so far my feet have not been sore.

Ok, I better get me some Geritol so I can stay awake in Second Life.