Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I am not sure why people in the USA say "Happy Memorial Day"? Is it not the day when we remember those who have fallen? I am a big supporter of the troops and I have done my share of somber moments when the one you have a relationship with volunteered for another deployment. I have seen those wives who have lost their loved ones and no words I could say would make it any better.

I have looked up towards the sky and wondered why the man who left and then returned was not the man I knew. You see some may not have fallen completely, some may have seen things that we can never understand and as a result, they have died ( not physically but their soul has).

I have learned to eat meals in solitude because the ones we loved have gone and they have given that ultimate sacrifice. Yet so many are still out there and suffer. Their families suffer. We all suffer from the great loss of men and women who are now gone and those who are partial with us. Let us never forget them!!!

So wave that flag a little higher today and smile and that is a "Happy Memorial Day" :)