Monday, May 15, 2017

The world according to the crate!!!

I think the crate is a bait so when you are late and you cannot wait you go straight to the crate.

I mean seriously, I was thinking tonight, what is it with these crates at the Club? So I decided to try them out and sit on them. Is it the cushions or the aroma from the coffee beans that lures the so-called Lounger to this spot?

I suppose the view is pretty good...not bad at all...the definition for crate is that the beauty behind crate is that it was created to have no meaning, you can use it any way you want, the intention is just to get everyone to say it! common uses include a way of pointing out you dont care, someone tells you good news, or just saying it at a random time! the fun part is, whenever you hear the word, you have to clap above your head, this shows the awareness of the word! (urban dictionary)English can be so confusing!

So that explains it why an alien sits on them...Got it!!!

Likka, Greg, Dandy and Harley Q after the set on Monday Night
Come and try it out one of these days. (at the CLUB)