Sunday, May 7, 2017

...I'd find you sooner!

So I am flying around Second Life in Air Likka ( Oh wait! Who is flying this plane? We are going down....) as I am slowly giving in to the waves of slumber and I close my eyes.
So, I felt like in the poem by William Wordsworth:

A slumber did my spirit seal; 
I had no human fears: 
She seemed a thing that could not feel 
The touch of earthly years. 

No motion has she now, no force; 
She neither hears nor sees; 
Rolled round in earth's diurnal course, 
With rocks, and stones, and trees. 

And then I land here:

The abyss of darkness and a long tunnel of who knows where it would go. You never know here in Second Life what you might see, it is so much like Real Life and no wonder, it was created by humans. I have many friends who just do not get this at all and think I play this game for hours and hours. Well, in a way I do, but it is not a game. It is a virtual world and where the avatar has a human attached to the other side.

  So I am walking the tunnel of the unknown because I am attached to a human on the other side and for now his real life is a bit out of whack. Do I stop here? Do I go on...ok just close my eyes, because I am NOT afraid of the dark.

And then as I close my are there :)