Saturday, May 27, 2017

Runaround Sue's

Thank you to all those who supported me and Greg at Runaround Sue's. We made our first debut there as DJ and Host for the 9-11 shift...and then every Friday.

Of course, nothing goes exactly smooth. The dilemma was we never took a landmark when we got hired, so I found an old landmark I had that was Runaround Sue's...well that is what I thought, but it turned out to be another Club playing the same style of music. I even messaged the DJ and said "Hello I am checking in " and Greg had already sent out the notice with this landmark. Just then it hit us: This is NOT the place where we suppose to be at.

OMG....well I apologized to the DJ and off we went and he laughed his ass off. We now have the correct landmark and we have the correct information and we made it there.Whew!!!