Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Creating something new from the old memories

I finally created my cabin in the woods. In Germany, I lived across the street from the forest and that became my playground. As kids we were carefree and we explored that forest. I knew every corner and discovered many animals as well. Now I have this here in Second Life. Something new from the old memories of childhood. 
Many legends and fairytales came right from the German forests. 

There are loads of Black Forest Germany myths. They can involve wizards, fairies, and all kinds of fantastical creatures. They have also frightened nearby residents and visitors for countless years. Here in Second Life, I can create my own story. I am hoping to create something for the Fall and Halloween that will include a hunt and maybe you will see little red riding hood or her famous grandmother.

I hope you will stop by often to see the progress in action. If you have any ideas or want to donate some creatures, just contact me inworld. 
On one hand, the forest is a site of threats, the precinct of monsters the wolf waiting for Red Riding Hood, the witch for Hansel and Gretel, and the briars covering Sleeping Beauty’s castle but it’s also a place where abandoned children can take refuge. The allure of danger was something attractive to us kids in the "good ole day", and I often played and pretended with friends that the bad wolf would get us. As we got older we played german soldiers hiding from the enemy, especially since the American base was right at the edge of the forest. 

It is important to preserve our forests around the world. They are ever so changing as the earth faces climate changes. 
Climate change is our collective moral test, the physical manifestation of our sins of gluttony, sloth, greed, selfishness, consumerism, and unchecked industrialism. We have entered the threshold of a forest filled with lush, healthy greenery and teeming with diverse wildlife. The question is, will there be any woods left by the end of the story, or have we run out of places to hide?
Come visit me in the Forest at the Retreat :)

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Happy Birthday Second Life!!!

 Hard to imagine that Second Life is now 19 years old, isn't it? So many changes have accused throughout the years and so many improvements have happened. There is no other virtual world that can really compare with this, even if the metaverse tries to convince you otherwise. They will fail and Second Life will celebrate many birthdays. People who reside here made an investment, which would create an uproar if it was suddenly gone. You know that when Second Life is down, people go through withdrawals like babies who suffer from the formula shortage, no substitute will do.

What have I learned here? Many things through my almost 11 years. What I treasure the most is the international friends that have crossed my path. When I am down the most, someone will come and inspire me to go on. "Stay one more week, see how it goes."  It is not the number of people you know or followers like on Instagram or TikTok you have, what counts here is the quality of people. 

Think about it, the people who create here are very talented people. There are engineers, doctors, teachers, artists, musicians and so many more. How many of those types of people do you have on your Facebook as friends or followers? Exactly!!! 

People of any subject there is can be found here and yes some maybe not so good people as well. You will figure them out real fast, idiots are marked no matter where they go by their manipulative actions. You know what I mean. 

I always enjoy going to the Book Club and meeting the authors. Where else can you go and meet every week and new author? You would have to travel from city to city and country to country, but here they come and sit with you live on stage. I am thrilled when it is summertime and I am off for some weeks so I can attend.

It was my 4th year DJing here at the SL19B. That is quite an honor to be able to be part of it. I am not a professional DJ, in fact, I never DJed before until I came into Second Life, but here it is possible to play the music I like to many people around the world.

I am sure next year the celebrations will be even bigger when the 20-year anniversary will come around. I am planning on being here for my 5th year of DJing and perhaps I will also do another exhibit as well.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Alive and Kicking

Chameleons mostly live in the rainforests and deserts of Africa. The color of their skin helps them blend in with their habitats. Chameleons that hang out in trees are usually green. Those that live in deserts are most often brown. Lucky for us here in Second Life, you can see them close up, like this colorful example at the Retreat. No worries, he is caged and gets his food.

Come and relax in the calm forest-like environment behind the Retreat gallery. I didn't sell it after all and revamped it, so I can enjoy the beauty that always existed here in SL.

I hope people will check it out and take many pictures of the place. There are many things to discover all around it. You just have to look for them :)

I had initially planned to have a Summer Fair at the Retreat and I asked some creators if they wanted to participate, but I guess I am not famous enough and was totally ignored. Sad but true not even a rejection IM. Oh well, so much for that. I know what to buy and not to buy.

Anyway, stop by and also visit the Basement Club, we are still hopping here and have sets M-F. Four of our DJs will be performing at the SLB19 this year, which is amazing.

Until then, be good and kind to each other, you never know what the person on the other side of the screen is going to and what their breaking point is.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Surviving the burn-out

Just 2 years ago teachers were the heroes of the nation. They did the impossible and build their classrooms online. They were praised and they felt good. but that did not last very long. As parents got frustrated they let it out on the teachers and often administration did not protect the teachers from these parents. Schools opened with in-person sessions, and teachers felt the burn-out even more so as the constant negatives from parents bombarded them because students started to fail.

Trust me it is not the teacher's fault for any of this. We did not cause the pandemic, we did not fail your children. In my own experience, students were misbehaving more now than before the pandemic and parents were more demanding. I felt like working in a mental institution with little money to compensate for my stress.

I was doing better. I would swear that I was. Then like a switch clicked, suddenly I was back at square one. The bottom dropped out. I would swear that I fell. Somehow my mind took me back to that place known as hell.
People need to understand teachers have breaking points, we do a hundred jobs for almost minimum wage.

I really felt to give it all up and that included Second Life, but I stayed a little longer.

"If conditions are so bad for teachers, why don’t more of them quit, instead of just thinking about it? The short answer may be that to quit a job at all, even one that ravages your mental health is a privilege that you may not be able to afford if, say, you’re a teacher who is behind on bills, a single parent or caring for a loved one with a health condition. In a country where nearly one in five teachers work second jobs, quitting requires a backup plan, especially for those without a safety net." 
This is one example, of why some teachers do not quit. Others are almost there to get their retirement, just another year or two, so they are in survival mode for now. Thank goodness for the 10 weeks off ( NOT PAID ) in the summer, so we teachers can recover. I am planning on going into a Second Life vacation mode and visiting as many places as I can, cheaper than the gas prices here.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

It's not good-bye

I'm just losing touch...
I am selling a big portion of the Retreat land...if you want any part, let me know soon. I can just abandon it.

10 years and 8 months in Second Life, but now I feel so numb. I want to create more art and do things, but I haven't.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Spring: The season of new beginnings


Time to finish all that Easter Candy and go outside. Spring has begun and it looks lovely, well at least in Second Life it does. I hope where you are on the planet also shows some new beginnings.

I don't really have to explain Spring because most of us know what that means. In German, we call it Frühling and it is such a happy time and reminds me of many walks in the forests and looking for newborn animals.

Johann Strauss wrote the Walzer called Frühlingsstimmen and I know when you listen to it you will want to go run outside and feel the new beginnings as well.

Take a listen to it and then visit some of the beautiful sims there are to explore in Second Life.
It is so amazing how the residents here create such pretty landscapes and you will feel the seasons all over you. I think one of the things to do besides working on my own parcel is to visit other places in Second Life, especially as the seasons change.

The lark rises into the blue,
the mellow wind mildly blowing;
his lovely mild breath revives
and kisses the field, the meadow.
Spring in all its splendor rises,
ah all hardship is over,
sorrow becomes milder,
good expectations,
the belief in happiness returns;
sunshine, you warm us,
ah, all is laughing, oh, oh awakes!

You can't help but smile and forget about your troubles, at least for a little while.

Look at these playful goats, it is like you can feel their joy as they jump and embrace Spring.

Even in Vivaldi's Four Seasons can feel the joy of spring. The masters from long ago knew how much fun it is to welcome the new beginning. 

So if you are stuck at home go out there and visit some of the marvelous Sims in Second Life all blooming with the season of Spring.

It has given me something to smile about as I sit at home sick with some food poisoning I acquired. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

2nd Anniversary of the SL Book Club


I was so lucky to be able to attend this and see different sets of the Book Club. It is really cool to see that so many people are interested in books and the authors. As a teacher, I value books as great resources and also entertainment.

I was wondering what kind of boots Draxtor was wearing and if there was going to be flooding in any of the sets? He did not explain, that was for sure, so I had to let my imagination run wild.

Books are essential in a variety of ways that go beyond enriching your mind or entertaining you. They have stood the test of time as reliable references for centuries. They stimulate your senses and promote good mental health. Other benefits include enhancing your vocabulary, allowing you to travel through words, and inspiring positivity through motivational literature.

While the internet and television are useful in their own ways, nothing can compare to a great book. Books ignite your imagination, give you new ideas, challenge your perspectives, provide solutions, and share wisdom. At every stage of your existence, you can find a relevant book that will add value to your personal and professional life.

There were so many sets to look at. I can't really decide which one is my favorite. They all had so many impressive building skills behind them. A book has the power to change or reinforce how you feel about your surroundings. It is a therapeutic resource that can equip you with the tools you need to stay on track and maintain a good attitude. Whether you want to learn a new language or delve into the intrigues of nature, there is a book for every situation.

You can watch the entire tour in this video...

Thank you Second Life for having the book club, I am wishing for many more anniversaries to come.