Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Calm before the Storm

Actually, it is always calm here at this spot in Second Life...

And Thou, vast Ocean! on whose awful face
Time’s iron feet can print no ruin-trace,
By breezes lull’d, or by the storm-blasts driv’n,
Thy majesty uplifts the mind to heaven.
~Robert Montgomery, The Omnipresence of the Deity

We took the "Jungfrau" on a ride back to Second Norway and relaxed at the Bella Bistro.

Watching the beautiful sunset over the water is a very peaceful joy. We love coming here to relax and talk.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A little Pumpkin Hunt October 1-31, 2016 @the Retreat

The "a little pumpkin hunt" will start October 1, 2016, @ the Retreat. 
Find 10 pumpkins for 1L each with some fabulous prizes inside.

While here enjoy the Retreat, the garden, chapel and also the Basement Club.
Pumpkins will be ready October 1, 2016.

Here is your ride...go check it out now, so you get familiar with the layout.

UPDATE: October 1, 2016
The Hunt is now open....so enjoy. The Retreat is also part of the Top SL Haunted sims with an additional gift to find.
I am also changing the 1L to 0L as of Oct 2 8am SLT...so more reasons to come and enjoy this.

HINT: all pumpkins are hidden outside and not in any building. Follow the path, but beware of ghosts and creatures.
Good luck and have fun!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


"Explore the timeless coastal island of Arranmore, with its haunted manor house and photogenic scenery. Enjoy the creepy landscape shrouded in mist. Remember, it is not what you can see that is scary - it is what you can't see. Don't forget to take the flashlight from the station platform when you arrive."

Arranmore is an absolutely frightening place. I recommend you take someone with you before you visit this place.

Beware of everything here, even the visitors itself can be scary and creepy.

I think Greg was inspecting my neck to make sure I had not bite marks there. We were hiding out in a Zombie hideout. Kinda a dirty place, I mean Zombies need to be cleaner. We did not find any Zombies and no marks on my neck either.

I want to thank DrakiAzul for this cool picture of himself. We asked him to be our pet and we could keep him in the Basement of the Retreat. He declined our offer and said Drakis do not make good pets and Nutella was not the food he needed but had some new prospects in mind. They were new visitors at Arranmore.

I decided a would get ready for any monster or a creepy fool who wanted to harm me and Greg with my gun.

The scariest part of all was the little chapel with the ventriloquist sitting in a pew talking. When he talked about marriage we were ready to run. He was a cute little booger in his own way. When you see him tell him Anjelikka said hello.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The world needs more PILLOW TALK !

Communication is important in a relationship, but finding the right time to communicate can leave both of you feeling drenched in love and bliss.

Pillow talk is just that...lying together with the one you love and you just talk...

There are many things you can be talking about like when you first met and what it felt like. The key is to talk about the happy moments in your life and especially this moment.

Not only will you feel great but your relationship will bloom and get stronger by doing this. This is very true to relationships in Second Life because the clock seems to be turning much faster. Take some time to talk. Just the two of you.

Our secret here is that we dream of a happy life ( we are happy in real life too), and visualize it together. If you have happy conversations while pillow talking, your relationship and your own lives will start to feel more upbeat and exciting.

Add a bit of romance and flirty talk into your pillow talk now and then. Why not start pillow talking tonight?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

LICK: Byrd Island

"Welcome to Byrd Island. Take a step back in time to explore this once inhabited island. The lighthouse keeper and his family abruptly left the island never to return. Could it have been the birds, or something else? Byrd Island is now open for tours. Check the schedule for the next ferry from the mainland."

A gorgeous place to visit and explore is Byrd Island. If you have a love or interest in birds, you will find them here for sure.

After exploring go and relax in the lighthouse by the fireplace. You hear the birds and ocean waves even in here.
So come and have a look at this really nice place.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

80s- NEW WAVE @ the Basement Club with LIKKA

Thank you to Moon for providing these pictures of my very first time DJing @ the Basement Club.

I will be here every Sunday 6-8PM SLT with a new genre of music. I don't really call myself a DJ, just someone to provide you with music you love or maybe never heard of before. My intention is to turn you on about music.

The Basement Club provides a variety of music, so don't forget to come on down on Saturdays when DJ HEATH & LINETTE team up to party with you on the upper level of the club. There are always cash prizes to win and the people who come are like family...friendly and loud and funny. You never know what they discuss in open chat here.

The Basement Club!!!

My next genre for August 21, 2016, will be a romantic type of music for you to sway and dance to. There will be something for everybody.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


"Cool Rush is all about space and adventure! Will you find aliens, space ships or strange plant life that no one has ever seen before? Will you be abducted by passing UFOs for stepping foot on forbidden grounds? Explore the glowing stars surrounding this otherworldly sim or seek out the spaceships hidden on the moon."

If you want to see the world in different colors you may want to check out Cool Rush. I love the colors here of fresh cool neon. 

You will find various poses and "oh alien spaceships" here on the bottom level of the sim. Take a compass, because you can easily be trapped and get disoriented by the landscape.

Be careful and do not fall into the traps of the aliens. I was surely lucky because they did not like my mesh body. Watch out, they may like yours.

We have no clue where to go from here and I am looking at Greg, well? We are lost! Maybe not...we used the teleport history to get right back to the entry and from there you find another teleporter that will take you to different locations. Try them all!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


"Since 2009, Bella Bistro has been a full-service establishment in Second Life. Inside you'll find low lighting, soft music and a stylish interior adorned with elegant paintings, not to mention a menu that rivals many top SL establishments."

As night falls and thousands of stars brighten the night sky strolling on the streets of Second Norway on our new bikes. The air was so fresh right next to the water.

All this riding around makes you very hungry and thirsty. The perfect place to stop and take a break is the Bella Bistro. You can just walk right in without any reservations and sit either inside or some romantic spots outside.

Get a bottle of wine and sit in the private section of the restaurant and just listen to the jazzy music. You will not regret coming here. It is absolutely beautiful.

We were so relaxed here, it made an immaculate evening even better.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Our Dogs Eren and Rebel

I don't know what gets into these dogs, but when we decide to relax a little on the couch Rebel pretends to drown in the fish bowl while Eren watches.

Or  we come back from dancing and they run to us like we abandoned them.

We  decide to eat breakfast together and they sit right there looking for crumbs to fall. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

At the Retreat

The day after the party we danced in the garden at the Retreat. I really invite you all who read this to come and stop by and see the garden. This is all open for the public to enjoy.

And then you can also see the Chapel at the Retreat. Remember if you are looking for a small chapel to get married in, this is your place. It costs you nothing if you do it all yourself and bring the officiant with you. Everything you need is there. Just leave a donation that you think is fair.

I do however offer officiant services, as well as reception and DJ if you need that for a small fee we can negotiate.

I can also offer photography and video services for a fraction of the cost it would be for the regular services you have to pay in second life. Don't believe me, look around. It costs a lot. Well, here is does not.

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Apartment

The day finally arrived and we were ready to show off the apartment I have been working on. This was by private invitation only, since this is our resident away from the Retreat.

The style and decor is a bit of retro and eccentric.

It was also another celebration and this one connected to the real life world of my birthday. Yes, and at this party there was no reason to cry at all.

   We are so lucky to have all these friends come and join us. Time is a valuable gift and they gifted us with their time. I treasure that. Thank you :)

I am not sure why we all ended up here in the bathroom but oh well. Thanks to Annie who at least brought the drinks because I totally forgot. I did have Nutella and Balloons for everybody.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Them by Cica Ghost

If you have not gone and seen Them, you should head over there before it is gone. That UFO is leaving and beaming them all up.

And I did not count how many of Them there is. It looks like 100s of creatures are ready.
Most definitely worth a look if you have seen Cica's art before you will like this one.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Night To Remember

"Travel back in time and experience the wonder and tragedy of the world's most famous ocean liner, Titanic. This immersive exhibit tells the dramatic and poignant story of the ship, crew, and passengers who embarked on the voyage of a lifetime, only to be part of one of the greatest disasters in history."

It is absolutely stunning this exhibit by Emery Milneaux, who is quite the artist. 
A night to Remember, July 16- October 9, 2016

If you have the love to Titanic and its history you will without a doubt enjoy every second of this. Become one of the passengers or crew members and discover their fate at the end.

Meet Captain Smith as he tells you the compelling story.
Throughout the exhibit storytellers will bring you close to the experience of what it was like that fatal night.

Pose at the most famous staircase "The Grand Staircase".

"Harland & Wolff employed the most skilled carpenters in Ireland to turn the Grand Staircase into an intricate work of art – a task which they evidently completed successfully.  Decorated with oak panelling and gilded balustrades, the wide sweeping steps and landings of the Grand Staircase rose majestically through six decks, and were crowned by a magnificent glass dome."

So stop by soon and enjoy this as much as I did...there is a gift shop with the best items ever in it too...

A Night to remember
The Titanic exhibit
Emery Milneaux
The Vordun

Museum and Gallery