Friday, May 30, 2014

Sam and Lucy

Sam and Lucy born today :)
We have a bunch of kitties for sale at our Kitty Store, so we hope you come and check them out and take one home.

Monday, May 26, 2014


It was time for some Hula Dancing in Oahu  with Micheal and Soon on the drums.

There is so much more to see here and do. If you like surfing, they have the best waves on the grid. Explore the islands of Hawaii and feel like you are on vacation. Maybe you can even learn how to wasn't that hard.


H22O is semi-submerged, rainy and dark landscape open for exploration and photography. Never run in the rain with your socks on.

This is a very dark and wet place. Beware of evil spirits that may swim in the cold and murky waters.
Although he was nice, I wouldn't trust him.

Not sure if this was a real Angel or some dark spirit in disguise.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Plane Crash....

This is NOT the plane that is missing in the real world, just to make this clear. It could have of course disappeared into Second World since the Grid is so big.

Good thing we were wearing life- vests to save us. Micheal always thinks of everything before we go on a trip.

One of the few residents to survive the explosion and crash landing...and yeah there is land insight. Let's hope there are no Avatar-eating monsters here. :)

If you want to stop by and explore the island, take this FLIGHT
~Santaurio~ The Lost Island
Set foot on the shores of Santaurio, explore the jungle, find the secrets, feel the relaxed environment of the beach and have fun in the Sandpit. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Millhouse Beanery

The Millhouse Beanery is an early 1800’s water mill that's been tastefully converted into a charming coffeehouse. Its cozy retro vibe and d├ęcor offer the perfect environment for friends to meet, for couples first date and dockside dances. The beautiful wooded scenery make for the perfect backdrop to capture all those special moments.

This is a realy cool place to hang out at and take pictures. Micheal and myself were just chilling when a cute puppy came and joined us.

Of course there are plenty of other things to do at the beanery.

We really recommend this place, so head on over there today and enjoy the scenery. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014


We have a new friend who comes around the retreat and his name is Soon. We welcome you Soon and we hope you enjoy the retreat.

Hello? Are you there....
Sometimes Micheal is late and I have to call from SL to RL....

“I’m late to dinner, but I’m early to being in love.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

We are almost there...the new Club Melatonin

I love owls :)

Well anyway, we were chit chatting and discussing the new Club Melatonin and how much bigger the place it we hope residents will come and dance here. I also put an ad in the SL forum on the main website that we are currently looking for new friends...mature adults...

Club Melatonin

I am almost finished with all the renovations to our Club Melatonin. The club will be much bigger and a better layout. It has a cozy area upstairs so you can relax and still listen to the music. We also have the KittyCats shop with some of our newborn kittens ready to take home. Adopt one today, prices range from L$ 50-200. Don't forget to check out the Lucky Letter with some of our own stuff you can win.

Here is a pic of the old club in the sky 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Ready for a new adventure? Head out to the sim Time out and explore. We had so much fun riding the scooter and racing through the fields.

Of course Micheal was a bit off road in some areas and we ended up in the water and got wet.

No sheep were harmed...:)