Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to love a beast? Haunted Home of Frankenstein!

If you fall in love with a beast you know he is all masculine and filled with strength. You might as well get ready for a wild affair.

You should make it clear that he may be the beast but you are the queen and what you say does count. Don't argue over little things, because it won't do any good. The heart of a beast is soft and he at times acts like a child. This can be a beautiful moment because you can teach him what is important to you.

A beast will bring his pets and they can beastly too. The best thing to do is to love them and feed them.

A beast loves romance. He really does, even if he maybe plays hard to get. He won't commit easily to marriage at all. I guess you have to be patient or take the boat and leave.

Kiss him and love will pay off

Go visit...
Haunted Home of Frankenstein

This is a fun place to go to and dress up. Be careful out there....

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oktoberfest tonight......... O'zapft is

Tonight is the night when we celebrate Oktoberfest at the Basement Club!!!
Get your Lederhosen and Dirndl ready and join us...

Friday, September 23, 2016

You should marry a movie star!

So, recently I took this online quiz about "who will you marry", and here are the results:

You should marry

A Movie Star

You can handle the attention and together you make an amazing pair. You both love the parties and fancy clothes, but you also care about using your fame to help people in need. There's always a lot to do, and you really rely on each other to get through it all. Your mutual trust is the basis of your love.

To be honest here, I do not think that is gonna happen. What movie star? Maybe I can create a movie star in Second Life?

Like a murder mystery. She killed him out of rage because he did not bring her the ring with diamonds. Instead it was made out of cheap prim pixels. Hahahahaha!

Well, nobody wants to be stuck in some giant web I guess. Or do they?

 Some may say marriage is just a waste and why do it.Statistically, marriage makes men happier. And healthier. Married men live longer too. And are better off financially. Divorced men -and women - well that’s another story. 

You can moan all you want about married life and it not turning out to be some sort of giddy Disney fairytale, but research shows marriage is still a good deal. 

Statistically, you are still getting more sex than single people. If you are not, then get out now. About 40 percent of married people have sex twice a week compared to 20-25 percent of single people. If you are not, then get out now.

Of course, there is a flip side to all of this. Some marriages end up in a war and that can be stressful for sure. Yes, there are genuinely troubled relationships and very unhappy people out there. Don't be one of them. Be happy, marry the one you love and don't wait until the boat leaves.

Now, go give your wife to be a hug and tell her, you love her. Spend some time being as sweet as you were when you met. The results might surprise you. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 15 years later

The story about "John" comes up every 9/11 anniversary and it still haunts me today and makes me wonder what happened and where is he.

About 5 years ago I wrote this story, which was based on  real life, about what I remember on the day the World Trade Center came down and the events before and after it. I was really honored when  it was published on Yahoo in their Yahoo contributors section about 9/11.

People like us who are in Second life are somewhat geeks of technology and before Second Life even happened I was part this world.

The story about John started when around 2000 a community of people played on the platform Gamespy, I was part of Starfleet Command a very popular game based on Startrek. People who played this game formed a fleet and I happened to be a fleet commander. Being one of the girls who played this game was kind of rarity because most guys did not want to have the fleet commander be a girl and be told what to do. We met online daily just like you did here in Second Life and conducted meetings and then flew our battles against other fleets. Nobody knew each other's names in real life. We revealed little about each other and only a few details, maybe where we lived or an email address to get updates for fleet meetings. 

One night John revealed to us how happy and excited he was to get a job at the World Trade Center. He worked in finances and this was his dream job that finally came true. He would tell us how beautiful the view from up there was and how cool it would be to maybe one day have a reunion of all of us meet at the World Trade Center Windows of the World. You could tell how much he wanted that and we all thought how very cool this would be if we all could meet there.

Then it happened, 9/11 and suddenly the World Trade Center was gone. That night we met in our group on GameSpy and talked about the horrors and shock we all experienced. John wasn't there. We figured since he lived there he may not have power or internet services and to give him a day or two. One of the guys who lived in New Jersey across from Manhattan would tell us how he could see the smoke go on for days. We heard nothing from John. 

It deeply hurt many of us, because we never knew to this day what happened to John. All we knew he worked there and now he was gone. All I hope for if he did perish is that he is fighting for the Federations along with Mr. Spock and the others. Live long and Prosper, John!!!

John would absolutely love Second Life where he could explore and fly into space.

Thank you Bryston Vanvleck, who has this very nice and peaceful memorial I stumbled up today. I hope you will go and check it out and pay your respects.
We shall never forget those who have fallen.

9/11 Memorial

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Basement Club ~ downstairs

At the Retreat there are two levels of the Basement Club, one os under the stars which gives room to DJ Heath who entertains you every Saturday 6-8 PM SLT.
The other section of the Club is the original downstairs section. At this level, the themes always change and so does the music accordingly. So far, Likka entertained you with New wave 80s style, Romance, Black & White, and Salsa/Latin Influence.

The Basement Club is a small intimate club with friendly people who are like family. This is a fast growing club, so please do come and check it out. It is surrounded by the beautiful retreat and the Galicia Art & Cultural Hall.

The next upcoming party will be held on September 11, 2016, at 6PM SLT. Come and listen to some original music from the 60s and 70s when peace and love was the motto.

Below see some of our groovy party nights.
Thank you to Moon for providing some of the photographs. A big warm hug to all who came and danced and had a super great time.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

REZ Day extravaganza X three

What's a Rez Day?
Rez Day parties are events based on an AV's "Born" date as seen in their Profile (which is based on when the user created the avatar) and are analogous to a birthday in real life. The scope and nature of the celebrations vary greatly, just as they do in real life. The term Rez Day came into vogue to distinguish between SL and real life birthday parties.
Generally, once a year, the avatar celebrates their rez day with friends and family at, appropriately, a "rez day party". Usually very similar to birthday parties, the avatar can receive gifts and "cards" (usually notes, but sometimes card-shaped objects with textures, scripts, and other decorations).

Today was my Rez day of being in Second Life for 5 years. Time flies very fast here as well as in Real Life. So, here I am flying to the Rez Day Party that is set up for Carol's 10th Rez Day @ the Basement Club.

DJ Heath was playing some great music for this event with his hostess Desi( who also celebrated her 10th Rez Day). Poor Carol was stuck behind some real life tech difficulties and did not arrive right away. She is a lucky lady to have Moon keeping her updated on what was happening.

Happy Rez Day to all!!! It was a blast for sure...come visit the Basement Club for Saturday and Sunday events!!!

Viper's Haunted Halloween

When I landed on this place I was already saying wow right I explored and walked up to the Haunted House. I ran into this guy here and his name was Buzzard and he was nothing like his name may predict. In fact, he is the creator of this place called Viper's Haunted Halloween and you must see this.
This great place is now open and will be throughout October just in time for Halloween.

I was really lucky to have run into Buzzard because he gave me the grand tour of the place. There is so much more to see than just the haunted house with all the creepy spirits in there. My advice is to walk around outside and see everything. You will find more buildings, cemetery and a cave.

Buzzard told me that this is his third year to build the haunted sim and each year it gets better and bigger. If you love Halloween and want to get scared there is something here for everybody. Look around each corner and really explore.

Not sure if the grim reaper or Buzzard was scaring me here? LOL, just kidding it was all safe. Make sure you tell him that Anjelikka send you, he will know :)
Below are some more pictures...and oh do not forget to get on the scary ride. You will love the place, a perfect place to get some photoshoots for Halloween ready.