Friday, August 28, 2015

The Olsouth Wedding

I don't have all the pictures from the Olsouth Wedding on August 28, 2015. This ceremony was taken at the Retreat with reception and DJ.

Congratulations to our dear friends Stacey and Greg Olsouth!!! You did are now forever bond together and we could not be happier. Thank you for letting us be part of this wonderful event in your life. What an honor to let us help you plan this great event.

I must say it turned out everything but perfect. DJ Loren was wonderful...kudos to him :) Officiant Mags was excellent.
Stacey and Greg picked out some great bridesmaids and groomsmen.

I will post some pics soon, they are still with the photographer. I have some of the wonderful reception.

Book your wedding today!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Boat Obsession gone Bad!

I truly believe that Zeek was bitten by some bug and he is now obsessed with boats...mostly sailing. 

So we live out at Second Norway which is a beautiful area for sailing and with the biggest airport in Second Life, you could say you have it all.

Zeek was testing out a  speed boat at Dutch Harbor when he foolishly went out of control and yes...he ran into the dock over some very expensive boats.

All he says, let's get out of here babe. We run and flee back into the boat he just bought and think we have a great drive back home to Second Norway. However, some things change and all of a sudden we are being chased by a jet with weapons.

I told him, it is because of the damage left behind, they are after you now. This jet kept following us in the Blake Sea and all the way home.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Galicia Weddings

Yeah....we did it. The Galicia Weddings website and venue is now open. We had the venue at the Retreat but we now have a much more beautiful place to make your dreams come true.

The venue is set on a gorgeous beach and we offer you the full service with officiant, DJs for your reception, a photographer. We even have the ceremony written down and can offer several versions. All you do is write your own vows.

We also offer several Honeymoon packages to some private places we own at the Blake Sea. You will absolutely love them.

When we decided to get married we found out quickly to have something of quality you will have to spend Linden Dollars. This is what we want to avoid. We guarantee to be the lowest price for what we offer. You will not have to spend thousands and thousands, but what you will get here is worth the few lindens you do spent.

Come and visit the website and come and see us in Second Life. Compare the prices, the beauty with any other venue.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Grand Opening

Galicia Art & Cultural Hall is now officially open to everybody to enjoy. It will feature new artists every month and will host some future events. If you are or know an artist who would love to display their work; please contact : Anjelikka Galicia(anjelikka) inworld for more details.

There are a couple of free gifts in the gallery for those who love hunting. Don't forget the fine artwork in the bathroom.

The opening was a great success with friends and visitors and I truly thank them all who came and supported us. 

All pictures in the Life & Love exhibit will be available at the upcoming "Expose Yourself to Art Hunt" held at the Retreat for 1$L each. You just have to find them. More information on this coming soon. :)

The Maid

The maid is making sure everything is clean and neat at the Galicia Art & Cultural Hall for the Grand Opening today!!!!

7-9 PM SLT

Don't miss this very first exhibit.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Our First Month

Our first month anniversary since we got married was today.
We have been extremely busy with all the projects we are working on. 

The Gallery will open August 20, 2015. We had to move it all to a new spot, but this will now be the home for the gallery.
( I hope you join us there )

We also have been working on the Wedding Venue and our Blake Sea Home...more about those in a week or so. It is very exciting.
We managed to have a little time together at the new site for the wedding venue.

Zeekeee is such a wonderful man...thank you for coming into my life here and in RL :)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Desi & Royce Sommer's Wedding

Please us the link to see this wonderful wedding. It was amazing in every way. I was so honored to be part of it.

Desi & Royce

Desi is known for the fantastic Literature Alive ! in Second Life. A must see for everybody. Her husband Royce has created many of the buildings there.

The newest one featured in the destination guide is 

Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher. Search for the treasures and play the trivia quiz.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Expose yourself to Art!

Expose yourself to Art 

We encourage the Second Life community to expose themselves to art. Come see and feel the emotions that art can bring. SL has so many artists and such variety. 

Galicia Art & Cultural Hall is open to everybody to enjoy. We hope to attract artists to show some of their work here. Perhaps you just started and have a few pieces only, then this may be the place. 

Our Grand Opening will be held on August 20th, 2015 at 7PM SLT....see you there :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today was my real life birthday and the best part was to be able to spend it with Zeek.

To kiss her
And though I have kissed her
A thousand times a day
I would want to make it millions
And continuous without delay
But she can only smile
Because each kiss is of the heart
And she knows that the kiss is endless
It was this way from the start
But in each little touch
The lips desire more
But what else would they desire
When each is unlike before
And within the deep embrace
The warmth is felt abound
And she must forever feel this
Even when I am not around
For distance is not a problem
Or something to cause a pain
For she knows the next kiss is coming
Again and again and again

I want to thank Desi, Greg and Stacey for coming to the special celebration and for the gifts. You guys are too happy we are friends.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Galicia Art & Cultural Hall

If you like art then you will love this little gallery on the grid. Just recently listed in Art galleries of Second Life

The grand opening will be on August 20, 2015 at 7PM SLT with the first exhibit.

 "Life and Love", a solo exhibition of Second Life Photography will start of the monthly art shows. 

If you like to display your art please contact me (Anjelikka) in-world for information and times available.

Don't forget to Vote and leave a comment at the entry booth. Every point counts.
Here is your ride: Galicia Art and Cultural Hall

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Matin rose chambre (Morning Rose Room)

I finally finished the matin rose chambre at the Retreat. This was the former chocolate mint room that has been transformed to this lovely and cheerful bedroom.

You will find some of the gacha items I found along the grid (such an obsession).The bedroom set is a special find on the marketplace from What's Next.

The room is located inside the Chateau upstairs to the left. Stop by soon and take some pictures or just relax.