Friday, March 16, 2012


I found the perfect dress and all that goes with it.  I am one day early but I have to go and show it off.
Where does one go to be seen? Hmm? Oh ya let me try Cloud Nine. This is a good place in the in-world to go to if you want to be seen. This was also one of the very first places I got to try out what a dance ball is all about.

So, there I am walking in and you would think it is the night before St. Patrick's Day that people would be dressed for the occasion. Nope! Nothing like this at all. Except there is that one avatar who sits in the corner with his green shirt and green hat. Adorable.

And then, OMG! He says: Happy St. Patrick's Day. I say thank you and wish him the same. And before you know it we are chatting back and forth.

I must admit we look like a very cute couple. Just stunning together.

Well as the night went on things got a bit crazy as we talked about photography and just about anything else in this life. So for some weird reason we thought it would be great to exchange our clothes to start with. This would be for a later photo-challenge we decided on.

Our lovely evening ended with me sitting on this stranger's lap. Well it isn't my fault, I just wanted to try out those new seats at the club and I didn't really know that it was a chair for two. But no harm done. I think we both enjoyed it. Oh ya the stranger's name is Micheal.
We agreed upon meeting soon again and maybe doing some photo shoots where Micheal can pose for me. So we will see. The first challenge is to take a picture of ourselves in the underwear we exchanged.

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