Saturday, May 9, 2015

Flying Lessons 1

Herr Kranfel was very generous and offered to show me once again how to fly a plane for Ken*Air.

I was explaining to Herr Kranfel how the wings and flaps work on the plane. ( I forgot to actually study for the test )I don't think he was too impressed with this.

Ok, so before I sit in the pilot seat Herr Kranfel needed to check the plane once more...Hey I said plane NOT me. He only speaks German and may have misunderstood this.

Let's see who gets there faster. I was reminded that all crew members must be fit.

Finally...I am flying. Yes, I know just a little over water, but I am flying. This was still the little plane and who knows one day I will be on the big one.

 Location: St Martin Airfield 

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