Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Looking for a place?

 I recently converted some parts of the Retreat into rentals and they are very cheap but do not lack any quality. Someone told me these are "high-class" and unexpected for the Mainland in Second Life.
When you live here at the Retreat, you are part of the family and my family only gets the best. Besides that, we can live high-class on the Mainland as well. No need to rent a place that will cost you thousands. The Rentals here start as 250L per week and you have enough room to add your home. I can even landscape the area or put up a home for you.

The Retreat is open to all people, so you are welcome to roam around and enjoy the entire place. Check out the Gallery or party with us at the Basement Club.

The Rentals are behind the Gallery, so go through the gate and you are there. I have a little privacy for the tenants, so they can be enjoying their Second Life "Life" with us.

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