Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Happenings :)

The holidays tend to be very busy but they also can be tons of fun. We hope to make your holiday season enjoyable here in Second Life. We have a few things planned for the month of December so get ready and have some holiday cheer.

1. The Retreat will hold its annual "Little Gift Hunt" starting December 1, 2015. Come and stop by and find 10 little gifts while you enjoy the beautiful winter scene.
The annual hunt start Dec 1, 2015

2. The Retreat Gacha Store & More has a new location at the very end of the Retreat in its own building. We hope to bring you some of the best gachas plus some Home Goods created by us. Take a chance on the Lucky Letter Board and also look for a few freebies. The Store is located on the Melatonin Lake overlooking the beautiful Retreat right next to the Full Monty Nightclub.

The new gacha Dec 1, 2015

3. The Galicia Norge Yul is a breathtaking location right on the Blake Sea. Come and skate the frozen pond, cuddle with your loved one, roast some marshmallows over the warm fire or get cozy in the cabin. Look for some free gifts (starts Dec. 1) too.
Galicia Norge Yul open Dec 1, 2015

4.The Galicia Art & Cultural Hall is excited to present "Photography by Jack" a very talented artist in Second Life. Jack (actionjackson83) created some nice pieces for this exhibit. He is also a talented actor and director in Second Life. We are very lucky to have him be our featured artist this month.
The Gallery open now :)

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