Friday, July 22, 2016


If you have not yet experienced the electrifying sounds of Novolino then you are missing something. I had the opportunity the other day to see and hear this unique musician at The Looking Glass sim.
Everything you hear at one of his live shows is an original piece of music by Novolino. His music is a mixture of what I would describe a form of trance with a very romantic touch. I am not an expert in music more so in art but this experience made me feel happy and the sounds were soothing.
Not only was the music an experience in itself, but the light show that went along was most defiantly some great ambiance that drew you right into this place. One of the fantastic things in Second Life is that some experiences feel very much real and this one did. 
Novolino comes from Australia and I am so fortunate that I discovered him. I hope you will too. Just look for him in Second Life and find out when his next show is.

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