Monday, July 18, 2016

Casablanca's Rick’s Café Américain

So I wait in his office and he comes in looking at me with this serious look on his face. " Alright toots what can I do for you? " He asks with a grin on his face.
"Oh, Mister I am in need of some Lindens and they told me to come to you and kindly asked you for this favor." I reluctantly ask him.

"I don't give out loans to just about anybody. It would have to be very special to give anything out so freely in these days. But you look like a nice dame and we may need to discuss this further." 
" I would love to discuss this with you Mister. I can offer you something you may really appreciate. What do you think?" I excitingly challenge him.
"Oh really doll? I am all ears." He straightens himself up in the chair and looks right at me.
"Let me whisper this into your ear. I do not want anyone to hear me." Trying to convince him to listen to my plea.
"Go ahead doll, I am all yours. Tell me now, why I would do any type of business with you." he fidgety responds. Waiting for the answer as if he knew what it was to begin with,but let's me persuade him.
It wasn't a hard challenge at all, because I could feel he was into me right from the start. I wanted to set this deal into motion as soon as we could get out of this joint. He insisted we go over to Rick’s Café Américain and do a little dancing. "I want to feel you near-at-hand doll, if ya know what I mean. Feel your curves as your sweet rose scent impending my mind." he sheepishly reveals.
I feel his breath on my neck generating a pleasant shiver of euphoria and weakens my knees. He quickly holds on to me and says: " I got you toots, I got you. " Oh, yes you do, I am thinking. You got me alright. My heart pounding and I am suddenly taken over by him and there is nothing I can negotiate at all at this point. I am intoxicated by his embrace.

"How about we leave this joint?" He smiles and winks at me? " Yes of course, I would love to." I quickly reply.

And the rest I cannot reveal because a lady never tells her secrets not even you. I can mention one thing, the night was not over and a new adventure immersed with a spellbound intensity you can only imagine.

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