Saturday, December 24, 2016

Baby, it's cold outside!

The traditional Christmas season begins at sundown on 24th December and lasts through sundown on 5th January. For that reason, this season is also known as the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas.’ 
So tonight the weather outside was so cold and the snow was coming down hard. Nobody had to convince me to stay, oh wait a minute I live here and so does Greg...
In the original song " Baby, it's cold outside", the guy is trying to persuade the lady to stay the night. This was written in 1944, just as the war was ending.

I am glad we live in a time now where we can decide on our own if we are spending the night or not. However, the wolf is still trying to convince the ladies to stay. I think it is just the nature of the man to conquer the woman and charm her. 

Although, I must say the snow outside made it very easy to decide that we would stay in tonight. Who is seducing whom now? 

Here is a little tip guys: 
You want this woman and you have no idea how to go around it and start it. Attention is a woman's drug. You give a woman attention they will eat out of your hand. Genius, whoever thought of that.

The wolf has to pay attention to the interests of the lady, it is that simple. It is that easy. I cannot complain at all. I am perfectly happy to say:" Baby, it's cold outside let's stay here and well you know...light up the fireplace."
It was a beautiful Christmas Eve tonight, well spend at home with each other. Let the 12 days of Christmas begin.

Happy Holidays to all of you out there in Second Life, spend a little time at home and truly pay attention to each other, it always should be both ways.

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