Monday, October 9, 2017


Where did the term "witch" even come from? In looking at the etymology, or the word's history, there is the Old English "wicce" (sorcerer). Looking beyond that into the Indo European and Germanic origins, there are many theories. There are words such as "weik"(to bend or fold) and "weid"(to see or to know) that have supernatural connotations believed to have been translated into the Old English... and then to the Modern English with the word "witch". What it boils down to is the word itself has been taken from several words and meanings to label those who had abilities that were beyond what was considered the norm.

No need to be afraid, this witch will not cast any spells on you, or will she?
Stop by the Retreat and take some pictures in your scary outfits and then go post them at the Retreat Flickr Group. 

 Dandy, Dylan, Likka, and Greg @ the CLUB

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