Friday, February 23, 2018

Logging Back on....

Sometimes real life prevents you from what you really want to do and that is a bummer. I realized very quick there is no second life in the hospital...the cellphones die much faster and they do not revive them at all. 

The wait for any services there were much worse than the lag you would get on a avi-filled sim. I wanted to teleport out of there as fast as I could. I found the CT Scan machine interesting and thought to myself, finally a device that will take me out of here. They looked at my head very closely and discovered it was not a Catwa head but standard. Yes, I admit, I have not upgraded yet.

Getting out of the hospital is a lot like resigning from a book club. You're not out of it until the computer says you're out of it.

It takes how long to log me off? This felt like when you are stuck in between teleports and you are going nowhere.

I went to the aftercare the next day to my personal doctor and while I was waiting there among all the old folks, a weakly old man stood up to walk into the room and farted three times. I guess those sounds were not detected by anyone but me. Maybe it is a frequency that hearing aids have blocked out. I didn't say anything, but all I wanted was to get out of there as fast as I could. Who would have known that you can be gassed in the waiting room.?
Anyway, logging back on now

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