Monday, December 23, 2019

Wonderful Winter

Wintertime in Second Life has so much to offer, there is not enough time to see it all. Winter reminds me of my childhood when I spend many hours in the snow.

Shimmering lakes of silvery ice
welcomes skaters' scarring slice.
Hills adorned in lacy white
watch children sleigh into the night.
In the brilliant pristine light,
snowbirds in tall trees take flight.
Evergreens draped in capes of snow,
their heavy branches hanging low,
blanket earth as north winds blow.
Winter's dance is quite a show,
an ice-kissed, dazzling, magical place,
transformed by winter's cold embrace! 

I met these nice furries who shared a sleigh ride with me. Thanks, Umber, Blimp, Sobe, Nichole and Syrithareal for the fun adventure. I ran into the gang later that day at another Winter Sim, which was cool because it was like we knew each other. :)

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