Wednesday, December 16, 2020

You should be here.

What I miss most in real life, I can have in Second Life. Especially these days it is important to get something right. For me, Second life brings me the joy of seeing a Christmas Tree with 
real" candles like I remember in Germany.

It is truly remarkable of all the different types of trees you can find here in Second Life. You could easily put a tree in every room to complete the perfect look. This is one thing I love to do here is to decorate and then re-decorate. Unlike real life, the costs are very low or you could just create your own stuff. My favorite is to buy it in a gacha so after I am done enjoying it I can resell it so someone else can enjoy it.
Are you in need of an item, then check out my gacha store? I resell cheap because who doesn't want a bargain. Gachas are kinda like a big huge garage sale where you find treasure. I used to love to go to antique stores and find stuff I can decorate my home with and then later sell them and replace them with something new. Now I just do it here without the risk of catching the virus. Best of all, no shipping fees :)

You like pets? Yes, here in Second Life you can have just about any pet you desire. You can feed them, per them, and breed them. It is endless of all the things you can do. Oh, and here you do not have to clean out the litter box. The variety of pets is quite large and I am sure you will find your friend here. You will get very attached to the pet you pick. Once I had a Kitty Cat and it got lost I was sad and lucky the creator had a system to get your pet back. Sometimes that is not as easy in Real Life when your pet gets out and you have to search for it.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? You can have any type of Christmas you like, whether it is with snow or on the beach or why not try them all. I love snow and miss it during this time of the year. Lucky for me my weather system allows me to really let the snow come down. Where I live in Real Life snow is as rare as the Blue Moon we may get. 

So, remember whatever you desire no matter where you live and who you are, your dreams can be made into reality instantly in this virtual world. Might as well take advantage of the term "Virtual".

Virtual reality is inevitably going to become mainstream - it's only a question of how good it needs to be before the mainstream is willing to use it. Be part of it now. There is an entirely new world out there to discover. 

Oh and do not worry about the critics who say virtual is not real, I may have to argue that a little. It is real because you are the one controlling this in real-lifetime...your time is your time and that makes it real.

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