Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Interview or Interrogation?

Understanding personality types is helpful for appreciating that while people are different, everyone has a value, and special strengths and qualities and that everyone should be treated with care and respect.

Frank showing me the control center of SL personality. (I thought it was more sophisticated, but maybe humans are simple.)

People are developing, People keep getting better integrated into society, acquiring traits that are more sociable overage, even in Second Life. In order to really get to know someone I suppose you have to ask many questions. But then are they valid answers? We just don't know and that is no different in Real Life, what people say may not always be the truth. 

Print out what really matters.
That is why understanding certain personalities may help. You know those people who tell you unbelievable stories and 80% of the time they are not true. I wish these people would write down that material because it makes for an awesome story that can be printed into a book. Who knows it may be even that good that it ends up as a guest at the Second Life Book Club an hour-long program every Wednesday at 12 pm Pacific Time held in Second Life. 

If you are going to interrogate someone (maybe in a gentle way get to know them) you may need to learn some communication skills. You know how men are they ask a lady how old she is and she will freak out. Don't do that, you will find out soon enough. Besides what does age have to do with anything unless the person is under 18.

The interrogation!
What I found out if you say too much and it falls into the wrong avatar they may sing like a second life performer and it may be streamed live on YouTube. I know of people whom I trusted and used the information about me as comedy material. Not a fair move. Then again, nothing is fair in an idiot's point of view who may want to explore your misfortunes to cover up his own. People get better at using the material and it is almost like a scammer getting your credit card information to slam you with to the ground. Always use caution. Now that does not mean you have to live in fear of ever talking to anyone in Second Life or in Real Life. You just have to learn to understand people and how they act and react. 

You really want to get some answers from someone? Let them wait at first. Remember being called to the principal’s office in school? I do. I was always left to sit in the waiting area before talking to the principal, pondering what I had done, what exactly was known by the school administrator, and what was not known. After a while, the adrenaline that hit me when I was summoned would start to drain off, leaving me tired, shaken, and off my game.
That shit works on adults too. Use it.
Actually, just have some fun meeting new is too short to worry.

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