Friday, February 7, 2014

I love the 80s

A warm cozy club where 80's music reigns all the time! Chat with the DJs, staff and other fans of the 80s music in this fun club filled with dancing, arcade games and other activities.

Oh yes, we finally went out and about tonight. The cats are bigger now and don't need a nightly babysitter :)
We went to this club I love the 80s, which is a pretty cool place if you like the music from that era.

There sure were some interesting avatars there. This guy for example was first in a shark with a tutu outfit and then turned himself into a wiener guy, letting the wiener do all the dancing. People are people, like Depeche Mode would say and sing about.

Micheal is so strong....yeah. I felt like being on top of the world....weeeeeeee...

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