Sunday, June 19, 2016

Soiree on the Holodeck

Well, actually the party was at The Basement Club and if you missed it, you truly forfeited one of the best scenes in Second Life.
Not only the Trekkies showed up but we also had some other strange and bizarre aliens including the Borg himself.
Thank you to Moon and Bea for providing some of these pictures...

DJ Heath played some out of this world music to even satisfy the most irrelevant vulcans. Linette our ever so lovely hosted welcomed even the humans to this party.
We hope you will join us for at the next soiree at The Basement Club!!!

We are here every Saturday from 6-8PM SLT. Different themes and sometimes just as you are kind of fun. There is always the famous "What's in the Box?" guessing game, where you type in your guess in open chat. The answers are funny and with the three clues given there will be 2 winners for the fastest correct answers.

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