Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Fantasia Experience

knee-deep in the Swamp of sadness, will we ever get out?

Khyathtu Fell is the creator for the Fantasia Experience which is based on the book and film (the never ending story).
It is well worth it to try it out and go through the experience. There are 8 chapters to complete for a fabulous prize. You don't have to complete them all in one day, take your time.

Now that the Fantasia Experience has Dreamers, its time to have a city for visitors and group members to visit right before they begin their quest. Vancouver where the movie"The Neverending Story" was filmed in 1984. This was the real world where Bastian lived before going into Fantasia.

Khyathtu was kind enough to pose with us at the entry to the experience. He also helped us to get back to the spot we fell off from. Thank you :)

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