Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lazy days of summer at The Mill and La Vie

The butterflies are floating through the air.
The grass is green,
and the trees are tall.
As the wind whistles through my hair,
I let life pass me by.
As time ticks and the clock goes by,
the flowers grow taller as life passes me by.
And I dream of floating right on by.
But now it's time to stop dreaming,
and wake up to a hot summer day.
© Alice G.
There are two beautiful sims to visit this Summer. Each more beautiful than the other. Each with the Summer essence of long lasting days.

The Mill, a charming rural sim with many picturesque spots, is perfect for a picture and a relaxing time. Enjoy the beach, walk in the town area, ride a horse or simply sit and admire the view. Hop on the tram to the beach or sit and relax in the town's cafe. The Mill offers much to discover and photograph!

La Vie is a cozy beach area with so many spots to sit and take in the beauty of the waves and the Summer air.

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