Sunday, July 9, 2017

How to occupy yourself...

...there is no reason when you are on your own that you have to sit there and feel lonely. I try to most definitely stay busy and do the things I like to do.

You can have fun in the sun with a little help of some plastic dudes.
That is of course just one way. The main thing is not to isolate yourself completely from the world, which I love to do during the summer. These guys above were no trouble at all. They did what I asked them to.

As I was traveling through this sim to do what I love most of all in second life as well as in real life to take photographs, I came ran into an old friend from Germany. 

It is always so "kewl" to find out what someone has been up to.

I also finished some subway tickets for the upcoming Superhero set next week, which of course I had to show off to Greg.
I hope everybody will come and check it is pretty damn cool there. Get your free tickets along with some other nice things.

After all that hard work doing what I love to do and on such a hot hot very hot day, it is time to jump into the water.
Stay busy...keep can do this!!!

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