Friday, July 21, 2017

The SL Enquirer wants to know...I am gonna be a bad girl!!!

I just realized I have 23 days left until I need to be back at work. Damn!!!

Sometimes I wish I could be a bad girl, but it never fails I won't and people use me for what they want to use me for. 

In Second Life it is the same way. You help people and you make them your friends and you trust them, but yet they use whatever you tell them and take it with them just to talk behind your backs. 

I feel karma will eventually get you and really if I am that interesting to you and you have to talk about me, thank you for giving me even more power. You know who you are...yes see I hear you talk about me, I feel it and one day it will bite you in the ass.Zatrzymańá!!!

Anyway, enough of that. Let me show you a few previews of the new house.

The new construction was needed I think or maybe I just needed it to defuse the boredom of summer and the restlessness within me. Greg is a good guy, he is and we tested the water of the pool here and I never felt such soft water that is perfect in temperature as well.
 And here is the beautiful house. A little more modern than the Retreat House that stood here on this spot for 3 years. I am working still on all the decorations and furniture layout.

By the way:
The apartment is for rent now. I also have the new house that is for rent and one of the lots has been rented already. You cannot beat the prices and the prim amounts you get here, plus you have the Retreat as well to hang out at. Why would you go anywhere else? Oh, I see you want to pay more and get just a little skybox or you want to be 1000s of lindens to a small place with hardly no prims. Have fun!!!

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