Saturday, September 8, 2018

Feel Sexy, no matter who you are!!!

In Second Life we tend to have these perfect bodies without flaws but in reality we may not have this kind of body or face at all. The problem is we need to stop that self shaming of what we look like.

If you are constantly comparing yourself to other women, you will never be happy; it’s unfair for you and for them. The confidence to feel sexy is within yourself, so look for it. (This goes for men as not compare yourself to other men, you are you).

Whatever it is that gives you the feel good vibes, channel it! That positive energy helps you feel your sexiest and happiest!

If your mood goes down and you suddenly find yourself thinking negatively. These are behaviors that need to be avoided at all costs. No one can make you feel confident, sexy, and happy but yourself. We all have things we hate about ourselves. Instead of dwelling on them, it is time we change them and take charge of our happiness!

Feel the love!!! Here is some love from me to know who you are...winks :)

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