Monday, August 3, 2020

The Basement Club

DJ Karyn
DJ Karyn

You never know what happens at the Basement Club, but what you will get is great music and a bunch of cool people who will make you laugh.😁

Many of the DJs here play INDIE and Alternative music, but you will also hear some rock and electronic techno depending on the night of the week.
DJ PoetApprox will get as wild as you like
There are daily sets here starting at 6PM SLT, but you are welcome to come and visit anytime and enjoy the club and dance or just sit and chat with friends. We are open 24/7.

Above the Basement Club, you will find the gallery and the Retreat which are open to all residents in Second Life. Feel free to wander around and enjoy the facilities. 
Crazy theme nights with Dandy and Likka

DJ Grum attracts all the ladies with his smooth and calming voice and his music choice is out of this world...maybe part of his alien nature.

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