Saturday, July 25, 2020

Heaven protect me from a prejudice so unworthy of my reason!

I wish I could live in luxury, but I don't.
So, I often wonder about people in Second Life being catfishers. I believe there are many out there and the ruin things for people who are actually sincere. There are those out there who use sad stories so you can fall for it and that makes it hard for people who actually lived this hard story and will not be believed. I truly dislike this kind of behavior. 

Of course, it is easy to be a catfish yourself. In Second Life we can look beautiful, younger, and be more glamourous but eventually, people will look right through this crap and figure out that a person is not real. I am not saying that in Second Life you cannot make yourself look like whatever you want, that is not the issue. The true problem is deceiving people to gain popularity, money, and power. It is just wrong no matter what you think. Live through the beautiful avatar you created the beautiful person you are and meant to be.  

Nope, this is NOT what I look like in Real Life. LOL!. Wish I did but far from it.
I like to give people a little warning about trusting others who they really don't know. We all get so sucked into this and want to connect with others that we may forget about the signs. It is like when you met people in real life, you did not tell them your whole life story or your address and full name. You proceed with caution. It is the same here in Second Life, be cautious. I am not saying that you cannot find real genuine people here, because you can, but we all have a little something we hide from others. Be cautious and have your eyes wide open so your avatar and you will not get hurt.

Don't trust everybody.
Being totally honest with people whether it is in Second Life, Social Media, or face to face may create a risk of becoming vulnerable. You really have to be ready if you are going to do this and accept the risks of the critics. The haters will shred through you and fragment your smile to a sad face. Snippets of your very existence of laughter in chatrooms and private chats will now be on display. And all of a sudden not a scintilla of proof appears to be true anymore. Don't let shoddy behaviors ruin your fun and that gut feeling you have right now in real life? Trust it, it is telling you something is unworthy of your goodness.

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