Sunday, February 7, 2021


Routines are what keeps us safe and confident because we are familiar with them. It is important to try a few new things and if you are unhappy about your current circumstances, then put on your dreaming cap. Imagine your new world. You are the architect of your life and your dreams are the blueprints. Use your imagination and the power of visualization to expand your potential -- and then take action.
Remember, you don't have to do anything. Everything is a choice. Every moment is an opportunity to create the life you want. Whether you're shifting your thoughts or changing your environment, the power is in your hands. Some things may be bigger than others, so pick what fits you well.

I redecorate the Retreat in Second Life every season. It does not always look the same. There are a few things that remain the same, but some of the landscaping may be different. It is that fresh look that we need ever so often, so life won't get stale. I compare it going through your closet at home and throwing out the stuff you have not worn in years. Maybe you kept them because you thought you would fit into them or you kept them as a memory. It is ok to let them go. 

Just jump right into your new plans. Spring is coming and it is time to explore your creativity and learn something new. De-clutter not only your living environment but mentally as well. I love making a new environment in Second Life because it helps me be creative and often I cannot create my real life with luscious gardens, here in Second Life I can.

Feel free to stop by and enjoy my lake and garden here at the Retreat, it is for everybody to enjoy. I will be adding some more sitting places so you can just relax and take pictures. Or use this time to clean out your inventory of the hundreds of items collected from events.

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