Friday, February 12, 2021

Ein dreifaches "helau-helau-helau"


Sometimes people do not understand my German way. I do not like to sugarcoat people when they do wrong. Sure it would be easier to just be quiet, but trust me when you keep it all stored inside sooner or later it will all explode, and then the situation is much worse.

The people tell me to be more tolerant. Ok, what does that mean to just say yes and amen, go and kick me some more? I am sorry I am going to refuse. It is not fair that only one side gets to express their opinion and the other side needs to be oppressed.

Right now in Germany, it is Fasching time, which means you dress up and watch comedy shows and parades. All this is not possible this is sad because like I wrote in earlier posts that humor cleanses the soul from all those aches of hurtful words and wrong-doings that we have been "tolerant of" over the past year.

Therefore I will get the comfort of this old traditional Fasching song...

Das Leben ist kein Tanzlokal, Das Leben ist sehr ernst, Es bringt so manche Herzensqual, Wenn du es kennen lernst, Doch brich nicht unter seiner Last,

Sonst wärest du ein Tor, Und trag was du zu tragen hast, Geduldich mit Humor, Und denk dein ganzes Leben lang, Ans Lied das dir die Mutter sang: 
Heile, heile Gänsje 
Es is bald wieder gut, 
Es Kätzje hat a Schwänzje 
Es is bald wieder gut, 
Heile heile Mausespeck 
In hunnert Jahr is alles weg

Hier is a Corona version, which is very fitting:

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