Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Basement Club

The Basement Club has been around now for 5 years, which seems like an eternity for Second Life standards. It is located in the basement under the Retreat gallery and you can find an entrance at the gallery to teleport down or a direct teleport from the main entrance at the Retreat. The best thing to do is get a landmark when you are there and join the group.

The club's music taste is kind of geared towards Indie and Alternative, but will also hear some eclectic and electronic sounds depending on the DJ that plays. Most happenings here are M-F starting at 6PM SLT. Hope you check it out and make some new friends.

We don't always have themes and when we do they are last-minute decisions.

Our guests don't have to dress up, they can come as they are but are welcome to join the party. More fun when you put on something to fit in. We all know you have hundreds of items in your inventory. Why not use them.

If you like to DJ here at the Basement, just fill out an application that you can find at the door, you can also send a notecard directly to me " Anjelikka". Thanks!!! Either way, just stop by and have some fun.

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